FFP2 Timecode Creation

Create Timecode show elements from Excel or InqScribe export.

1. Make an Excel file based on this template:

2. Choose Generate Timecodes from the menu.

  1. 7.Expected result:

--> Macro generates a new sequence as per the excel file, assigns it to an Executer, then runs the command

> Import "TC An Amazing Sequence" At Timecode 9

3. In the bottom toolbar, click the Excel Icon, navigate to your excel file and match the fields:

4. Answer all the questions when prompted. The target IDs that you choose should be empty on the console. If not, bad things might happen...

Your answers are stored in the lower toolbar and can be changed if required:

5. Press Generate Timecode and Sequence Button:

This will generate two XML files: a timecode and a macro:

  1. 6.On the console:

  2. Import the Macro

  3. In the Backup Menu, select the drive so the console can see the correct gma2/importexport/ folder where the TC.xml file is located.

  4. Execute the Macro you just imported.