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FFP2 Create Fixtures and Layers and 3D Positions

from VectorWorks or a text file.

  1. 1.In VectorWorks menu: File> Import> Import VectorScript...

  2. 2.Navigate to the resources folder in FFP2 and choose ‘FFP2 VectorScript.xxt’

  3. 3.Save the resulting file somewhere nice, the default name is “VW to FFP2” but you can rename it if you like.

Organise your data.

This functionality follows the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ theory, so before attempting to import your data into FFP2, check that the data is organised in a logical way.

If you have drawn your lighting instruments in correct 3D space, you can also import this position data to the GrandMA2.

FFP2 needs a channel ID, and some indication of the type of fixture you are using.

Fixture Type

Fixture Name

Fixture ID

Dmx Break 1

Dmx Break 2

Fixture Layer ID

You could organise your drawing something like this:

Export your data.

1. In FFP2, click on Patch Generator in the Console tools tab, then press the Import VectorWorks button from the lower toolbar and navigate to the file you just exported.

Import your data.