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FastFocus Pro


Less time in the theatre, more time in the pub.

A fast and intuitive way to document moving light presets and conventional focusses.

Introducing FFP2

Import Patch data and 3D Fixture positions directly from VectorWorks.

Convert VectorWorks files (and text files) to gMA2 and gMA3D Object Positions

Import any data, such as Designer Cuelists with fade times, and generate a macro to create them on the console.

Convert Excel Lists to Custom Macros

Import console data and generate moving light focus documentation.

Moving Light Documentation

Find Presets Usage and more




If you are not familiar with Filemaker Pro, please visit and have a look at some of their documentation.

If you still have a question or some suggestions, please email

Thank you.

Generate Linear or Stepped forms from any Universal Presets.

Create Custom Forms from Universal Presets


Cue Sheets, Broadway style Moving Light Tracking By Unit Paperwork, etc.

Print Theatre Paperwork

Take a timecode cuelist in excel and convert it to an MA2 Sequence with matching Timecode Track.

Create Timecodes and Sequences from text files