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License agreement:

You acknowledge and agree that the use of FastFocus Pro, SlowFocus Amateur and any combined use with suggested 3rd party applications is at your own risk and the entire risk as to satisfactory performance and data accuracy is with you.

Any documentation provided is to aid ease of use and does not cover all features and possible scenarios and consequences of using the aforementioned software.  The software features are subject to change without notice and documentation provided may be inaccurate.

In no event will any liability be accepted for any damage of equipment, loss of data, indirect or consequential damage such as loss of profits or business interruption arising directly or indirectly from the use of this software.

For SlowFocus Amateur, no technical support is offered and any emails received may or may not receive a reply.

Download for Mac OS X - Eos v2.4

(Windows Version Temporarily Unavailable)

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SlowFocus Amateur - near fully featured free version.

Designed for non-professional use and allows you to try out the features of FastFocus Pro without (much) restriction*

*Restrictions as follows: No customer support. No custom Logo. Export to custom print layout file is disabled. Automatic ‘hands free’ (teacup icon) photo taking is disabled.